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The University and the city of Bologna are deeply linked by an intense relationship through centuries. Just 100 meters from Terraza Petroni, the University of Bologna is identified by many as the oldest western university and its importance in Italy and throughout Europe over the centuries has decreed it as a place of excellence that still today attracts students from all over the world that animate the life of the city and continue the tradition of studies both humanistic and scientific.

Two towers

At about 400 meters from Terazza Petroni you can find the commonly recognized symbol of Bologna: the 2 Towers Garisenda and Asinelli, a tourist destination that is a must for those visiting the city. You can climb the Torre degli Asinelli and enjoy the view of the city, via an
internal staircase of 498 steps.


  • Santa Maria della Vita is 500 meters from home and houses the famous plastic group of the Pietà, “Lamentation of the Dead Christ”, modeled in the ‘400 by Niccolò dell’Arca.
  • The Basilica of S. Petronio is the largest church in Bologna and dominates the Piazza Maggiore in front. It is the fourth largest church in Italy and is the largest brick church in the world.
  • St. Peter’s Cathedral: 600 meters from home
  • The Basilica of S. Maria dei Servi is 50 meters from home and with its majestic Portico dei Servi hosts every year the oldest Christmas market: the Fiera di Santa Lucia.


  • Piazza Maggiore and Piazza Nettuno just 500 meters from home. Piazza Maggiore is the main square of the city.
  • Piazza Ravegnana 400 meters from home. Here you can find the entrance to the Towers.
  • Piazza Verdi: 100 meters from home, it houses the Municipal Theater and is the center of the University area
  • Piazza Santo Stefano: 400 meters from home, you will find the Santo Stefano complex with its 7 churches of ancient origin, one of the most visited places in Bologna.


  • Most of the city’s museums are located in the historic center and can therefore be reached on foot.
  • Over 50 museums preserve a heritage and a wealth of unique proposals for the quality of the exhibited works and the diversity of themes and historical periods, from prehistory to the present. You have a great choice and you are free to build your path, from the most classic to the most curious. In the museums of Bologna you can choose how to surprise yourself.
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Drink and Eat

  • Sartoria Gastronomica, in Piazza Aldrovandi, 20 meters from home
  • Trattoria Leonida, serves Bolognese specialties and is located in Vicolo Alemagna 2, 200 meters from home
  • Trattoria Anna Maria, Via della Belle Arti 17, 300 meters from home, serves homemade tagliatelle and tortellini
  • Osteria Buca delle Campane is 100 meters from home, in Via Benedetto XIV 4 / a, here you will find Bolognese specialties and live music.
  • From Pizzeria Berberè, 20 meters from home, you can enjoy homemade pizza with sourdough.
  • In addition to these and other places that you will find in the surrounding area, you can buy the freshest typical products at the Food Market which will be present every morning in Piazza Aldrovandi, on the corner of Via Petroni.